Packer, Kenneth William  (1950-) of American Fork, Ut, is a designer and a bronze sculptor.  He studied art at Cambridge High and Latin, Boston Collage and Brigham Young University, graduating in 1974 with a BA in Design and Sculpture.  His bronze sculptures fall into three categories: western, wildlife and historical.  He has been greatly influenced by his father, Boyd K. Packer, Lance Turner, and by U. Grant Speed who he worked for, as an assistant, while going to BYU. He has been the designer at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum on
the BYU Campus since 1983.  Ken is a master story teller in Bronze sculpture, his pieces flow easily and show great energy and movement. Upon closer inspection, viewers are rewarded from every angle of each piece.

Themes and Inspiration

Kenneth’s love and understanding
of the natural world help him capture the essence of the animal’s spirit and life spark as he models.
Extensive professional experience designing habitat displays augments the authenticity and genuine quality of his art work. Summers spent on grandpa’s Wyoming ranch ingrained in his soul the essence of the vanishing cowboy lifestyle. During those dust filled hours Kenneth came to know the physiology and character of the animals and men around him.
Kenneth’s roots in the pioneer legacy and gratitude for their hardships and sacrifice drives his art. Deep empathy for these courageous souls blossoms into a true depiction of the emotional quality and spirit of the moments he captures in bronze.

Ridge Walker


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